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What is a plasma generator?

It is a scientific device, the development and process of options is still ongoing, what tools could contribute to our bodies both in the field of physical and in the field of psyche - supporting frequencies for the nervous system, immune system, kidneys, adrenal glands, niche, oxygenation, frequencies for the psyche, frequency music therapy and monsters - targeted elimination of pathogens (bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi).

On what principle does the generador de plasma work?

Plasma generator Rifetech generates frequencies aimed at supporting organs or eliminating pathogens in organs based on the scientific research of Dr. Rife.

Plasma is named because Dr. Rife worked with a microscope, where he observed bacteria in plasma (blood) and came to the conclusion that the given pathogen moves at a certain frequency and it is possible to eliminate it by using the same frequency, which leads to an immediate stop of multiplication and the cell begins to heal.

Plasma consists of two components:
1. plasma brain with computer, generator
2. a functional tube in which there is a lamp with a mixture of rare gases generating these frequencies into space Rife's methodology goes through the gut lining, bone and DNA.


How frequencies are calculated?

Founders - Hulda Regehr Clark (top scientist, frequency over sound) and Royal Raymond Rife (microbiologist, microscope over sample color) Hulda Clark, within electroherbalism, created the CAFL (Worldwide List of Verified Healing Frequencies) - frequencies known all over the world.

Dr. Rife looked under the microscope for the coincidence of electromagnetic waves and the frequency of the pathogen.

Staphylococcus frequency:

He came to the conclusion that the cause behind "angina" is staphylococcus aureus, which is of bacterial origin and moves at a certain frequency. He powers up this frequency of his and uses it on him. The internal structure of the pathogen is thus vibrated and mechanically disturbed, its vital functions (including reproduction) cease to function and it gradually dies.

What is plasma good for?

For body support, imbalance, elimination of toxins, waste substances, metabolites in our body, after vaccination, vaccines, drugs, food poisoning, regeneration, healing of scars, healing complexes, supporting the entire organ system, immunity, psychosomatics, pathogens.


What makes our plasma different and special?

Rifetech plasma is part of a comprehensive holistic system.

It is simple, fast, efficient, quiet.

The device is light and all our specialists are professionally trained in microbiology and detoxification healing protocols.

It provides punchy deep frequencies with a minimal time allowance.


The difference between plasma vs. bioresonance

Detection sensitivity:

We perceive plasma generators as one of the detection options within bioherbalism, a scan (so-called Biofeedback) based on heart rate compared to a database of pathogen frequencies. Detects pathogens.

Bioresonance (Sensitiv Imago 530) is a professional scan with high sensitivity of cell detection resolution in the information biofield (92 - 97% feedback). Information enters the biofield and bioresonance detects it in a closed circuit through sensors. It detects pathogens as well as intolerances, allergies, stress, electrosmog, heavy metals.

Plasma accelerates the process of eliminating pathogens in a much shorter time than bioresonance.

Pathogens are vibrated with their own multiplied frequency, they cease to thrive and the body digests or eliminates them.


With bioresonance, the possibility of immediate bioresonance and frequency therapy (BRT and MORA) - activates compensatory frequencies for the given selected systems. The possibility of recordings to carriers.

Instant regeneration, healing, is compensatory to the cell. when a cell is overloaded with a pathogen or heavy metal. E.g. the staphylococcus receives the information that it is no longer here (opposite - compensatory frequency), it stops multiplying, the cell increases its activity and vitality.


Bioresonance as a professional diagnosis of imbalance in the body and subsequent therapy - complete cell transformation.

On plasma multiple, multi-developmental organisms, worms, borrellia, toxoplasmosis.


What Rifetech plasma can do?


  • Elimination of pathogens - parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi

  • Dysbalance in the body - composition of frequencies for pathogens specific to a given disease, immunomodulating and detoxifying frequencies, frequencies to support the biofield

  • Stabilizing complexes - for support, stabilization and regulation of organ systems and metabolic processes in the body (antibacterial, antiparasitic, antiviral, detoxification, mineral, vitamin, ...)

  • Organ support and regeneration

  • Detoxification, revitalization and harmonization - Schumann resonance, Solfeggio frequency, Nogier frequency

  • Support of the immune system - including elimination of the negative effects of vaccination



Using a plasma generator

The plasma generator is an experimental scientific device and is not a substitute for medical care, it is not a medical device.


Clients report famous results for: long-term, chronic persistent coughs, colds, headaches, skin problems, musculoskeletal pain, neurovascular obstruction, digestive problems, flatulence, phlegm, discharge, inflammation, tooth decay, bleeding gums, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, bleeding, hernia, …

Vaccines and toxicities - we have frequencies for cell intoxication after various procedures, including vaccines of various types, vaccinations.

In which cases it is not suitable - cardiac pacemaker, pregnant women.


Ability to scan pathogens in individual organs.

The scan is non-invasive, the time allowance depends on the test set (15 - 30 minutes).


Test sets we can track: nervous system, respiratory system, stomach and intestines, liver and gall bladder, excretory system, dental infection, eye infection, skin infection, genital system, circulatory system, auditory system, locomotor system, other infections.


How does the plasma generator session look like?

Before visiting the consultation: Create space for yourself and your body, you can eat and drink.


Time allocation: 2 - 3 hours


When sitting, you are near a plasma generator that emits selected frequencies into space.


While sitting, you can sit, lie down, create, dance, sleep, eat, drink, but we recommend to relax.


After visit, we recommend increasing your drinking regime, enzymatic diet, and relaxation.


How many plasma consultations are needed? It depends on the intensity of the given problem, on average a total of approx. 2 - 3 sessions.



Our four-legged pets and plasma - we also have excellent results with dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, etc.


Do you want your plasma generator?

Got a taste for future frequencies? Are you interested in getting involved in the creation? We have a complete project for you - for experts, specialists, personal and home use.


If you are interested in this possibility of cooperation, contact us - your cooperation key is 88.


Plasma genarator is simple, light, compact, easy to operate and all our specialists are trained in aftercare.

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