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My goal is to make the client feel better and better. Not only in terms of health, but mainlyfor the organism to achieve harmony in these three areas: physical, mental and emotional.​ 

The complete counseling that I provide in my consulting room as part of my experience in bioresonance in the field of frequency naturopathy is at a professional level in accordance with holistic nutrition.​ 


Bioresonance - its methodologies andI train and lecture on Frequency Bioherbalism all over the world for many years in 3 world languages.


Connecting  and healing the world is my passion!

That's why this project was created  "Frequency spa with heart - we tune in from the space of joy, with the heart!We connect clients, who ask for more and more, in kindness and permission let their cells plasmaand specialists, experts, counseling centers, centers, which can offer complete care.

Gratitude to everyone who has already decidedtune in to the frequency and they experience a great feeling on their own "body", and to everyone who overwhelms me with famous messages about results, feelings, emotions.

Gratitude to everyone who came to usthey add and form new centers, counseling rooms, Gratitude to all those who have ideas in their heads,how to work together. And also to all those who judge, judge, analyze so we have more time for us, our families.

My time-space, energy, enthusiasm thus makes more and more sense, fulfills my mission. And this is how my work became a joy! Matter of the heart.

Thank you that I can, that we can together!

Thanks also go to my husband, children, family for endless support, recognition, trust, freedom, acceptance of my crazy ideas. 

You are creating the possibility that I can create for the planet!


From the heart and with respect  



Alishia Gajic, the founder of the project



The frequency principle  therapy

Every virus, bacteria, fungus, parasite, animal (including human) emits certain frequencies. These can be physically measured. On the device, we select the frequency (its "lethal"), which the device transmits to the room where the client is sitting due to the plasma discharge. It depends on the precisely set frequency and the appropriate duration of action.

We all know that over time various bacteria have developed resistance to antibiotics. Some strains are already very resistant. The plasma generator is designed in such a way that the output of frequencies can eliminate microorganisms that harm us.

Microorganisms and parasites migrate

They don't live only in the intestines, they migrate through the blood throughout the body to all organs, especially the liver, kidneys and lungs. Therefore, it may not appear in the stool, as clients often think. For this reason, the coprological examination of stool may be negative. For that reason, the action of the Plasma Generator is suitable, because its frequency can "shine through" organs such as the liver, lungs, bladder, uterus, testicles, eyeball, digestive tract, teeth, bones and brain.

By relieving the organism of pathogens, the immune system is automatically started, which starts working better than before, when it had a lot of work. Targeted detoxification accelerates the elimination of unwanted active pathogens. Supportive and cleansing programs for faster regeneration of the organism can also work.

The plasma generator is an experimental Czech-made device that affects pathogenic organisms (fungi, viruses, bacteria, parasites) with a plasma discharge. The action of precisely set frequencies of active pathogens leads to their destruction and thus to their faster elimination by the immune system. The pathogenic organism can no longer reproduce or cause harm. The remains of the decomposed pathogen are "digested" or eliminated by the body.

And how do we find out that the pathogen is gone? 

On the one hand, by the relief of symptoms and on the other hand by the control measurement of biofeedback, which is part of Plazmáček. 

Please note, however, that one session may not always be sufficient and it is necessary to repeat the action of the frequencies. Preferably 3 times at an interval of max. 5 days.

It is built according to the findings of Dr. Royal Raymonda Rife with the highest accuracy in frequency output. Rife examined the lethality of pathogens under a microscope. 

Can exposure to frequencies be harmful to humans?

The answer is NO. 

The device is designed for a voltage from 1 - 999kHz. Human cells emit frequencies in the range of 1.52 - 9.46 MHz. The frequency of pathogens - fungi, viruses, bacteria, parasites is in the range of 77 - 900kHz. There is a vast difference between the unit of kHz and MHz. It only selectively destroys organisms in the lower Hz and kHz band without damaging human tissue.

Does its action have negative effects?

If the application destroys a larger number of pathogens, in some cases increased fatigue and headaches may occur. A so-called detoxification crisis can occur. It is important to release and purify the organs for the removal of toxins through targeted detoxification. We discuss everything with the client and set it up individually. We do not forget to emphasize the increased drinking regime.

The Rifetech plasma generator is an experimental device and is not a substitute for medical care, it is not intended to treat diseases. It is not a medical device.

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